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Complete Support and Compliance Guidance for Pre-License Submittal to Fully Functional Owner Operators to get, keep and sustain compliant and profitable businesses
In addition to Owner/Operators, Regulators, Financiers, and Ancillary Providers all face the challenge of strict Compliance with Federal, State and Municipality guidelines
Whether it is critical documents, training, compliance assessments or strategic and tactical guidance, compliance by industry experts is essential to your success
Learn, Succeed and Thrive
GrowthSource stands on firm principles and beliefs that consulting, teaching and guiding others must enable and empower you to do more, better and different for your own business.  Regardless of your role or place in the Cannabis Industry, our goal at GrowthSource is to make you more successful, more profitable, the compliant way.  Compliance is the only way, pure and simple.
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  1. THURSDAY: MAR 15, 2018
    Successful Compliance in PA
    Be ready for your first compliance inspection in PA. Learn from the leading industry experts with over 1,000 inspections in active cannabis states how to be prepared for compliance success and inspections for all license types. Utilizing real world data, you will learn the failure patterns, do's and don'ts along with how to get prepared and stay compliant successfully.
  2. THURSDAY: MAY 22, 2018
    Getting Your Cannabis License
    The licensing application process can be overwhelming and it is a high risk process. Increase your chances of license award, increase the chances for success of your future business and gain the resources you need to start your cannabis business.
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Your Source for Success
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    The SOP's, business templates, regulatory documents, handbooks and software are all must-have tools for your success in the cannabis industry. Go to the expert source for winning documents that get and keep you successful in your business.
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    Know what you don't know. Talk to the source for cannabis business success and get the right support for Licensing applications, compliance outsourcing, consulting, inspections and more. Get in business faster, get and be more profitable and compliant, learn, do and succeed better than you ever imagined.
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